1503 E 7TH AVE
TAMPA, FL 33605
(813) 248-4050

Is The RITZ Ybor a nightclub?
The RITZ Ybor is a concert and special events venue that is home to the Amphitheatre Ybor & Sunset Events.

Where is The RITZ Ybor located?
The RITZ Ybor is located at 1503 East 7th Avenue, on the corner of 15th Street, in the historic Ybor City district of Tampa, Florida.

Where is parking located?
The Centro Ybor parking garage is conveniently located directly behind The RITZ Ybor, while a paid parking is conveniently located across the 15th Street from The RITZ Ybor.

What type of payment does The RITZ Ybor accept at events and concerts?
The RITZ Ybor accepts U.S. cash and all major credit cards.

What is your concert ticket refund policy?
For ticketed events, the refund policy varies. Please check with your point of purchase on their refund policy.

Do I need ID to enter the venue?
A valid, physical photo ID (United States issued drivers license or state issued identification cards, flipbook passports, or military ID) will be required to enter the venue during a concert and most special events. No photo copies of an ID will be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Who do I contact for Lost & Found?
Please e-mail if you left any item behind at our venue. Please keep in mind that our venue is not open daily.

Am I allowed to bring camera equipment to a concert or event?
Point and shoot cameras are allowed. Any professional camera or video equipment, along with any camera with a detachable lens is not permitted inside the venue.

Is there re-entry allowed at concerts and special events?
The RITZ Ybor has a no re-entry policy during all concerts and most special events. Guests who wish to return a prohibited item to their vehicle or need to exit and re-enter due to personal emergencies (i.e. retrieve medicine from vehicle), must first make contact with a Manager to make necessary arrangements.

What is the age limit to attend a concert or event?
Age limits vary per concert and show. Please click on the event in the Calendar section of our website to see the age limit requirements per show. All #Pound Friday and Sunset Saturdays shows are ages 18+ only. Almost all non-Sunset Events concerts are ages 12+. Send an e-mail to if you have any questions about a particular show.

Do I have to be accompanied by a parent/guardian if I am under 18?
Since most of our non-Sunset Events shows are ages 12+ show, patrons under the age of 16 years old are required to be accompanied by an adult.

Who do I contact to change the pick-up name at Will Call?
If the purchase was made online, please contact your point-of-purchase (Live Nation,, etc.)

What does General Admission mean?
General Admission means standing room only shows. Trust us, there is not a bad spot in the house to view a show.

Do you accept third-party reseller tickets (like StubHub or Seat Geeks)?
StubHub, Seat Geeks, Vivid Seats and Front Row Tickets are NOT official and authorized ticket sellers for our shows, and we cannot guarantee the authenticity or validity of tickets purchased at those sites. Please purchase tickets only from ticket links via our website OR

Are there no seats during concerts?
There are tables and seats in VIP areas during concerts, but please keep in mind that VIP sections & layout vary per show. There is limited room and this area is only open for patrons 21 and older. Please e-mail for more information.

Is there a handicapped section during concerts?
YES, there is a handicapped section available at all shows or concerts. Please ask one of our staff upon arrival into the venue if in need of access to this section.

Venue Policies
No re-entry (unless otherwise noted)
No backpacks, oversized bags or oversized purses. Bags must be within 8.5"x11".
No fanny packs (for males).
No cameras with detachable lenses. Only point-and-shoot or compact cameras are allowed.
No audio or video recording devices
No markers or paint
No outside food or drinks
No weapons or pepper spray
No drugs
Smoking allowed only in the Red Room (unless otherwise noted)